I am a May 2020 Graduate from Baylor University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Public Relations and a Marketing Concentration and currently pursuing a Masters in Communications from Arizona State University.

As a Photographer, I love capturing life's special moments and helping you capture memories to last a lifetime. Please reach out and I would love to talk further about how we can save your memories forever. 

As a Communicator, I love communicating how important different things are and learning different skills to help people best connect. I am a firm believer that communication is key to success in life. 

As a Designer, I love getting to create what people already envision in their minds and making it into a reality. From logos to social media graphics to flyers and everything in between.

As a Social Media Specialist, I love connecting with people who would never have been reached before. Social media is how brands talk and showcase what they are all about.

As a Public Relations Specialist, I love helping brands create their voice and creating content that best fits their needs.


In addition to photography, I have a passion for all things social media, marketing, communications, and public relations. Feel free to reach out to see my portfolio for potential opportunities or freelancing. 


Reach out & I would love to talk, social media, public relations, communications, marketing, photography, future jobs, or anything!

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Instagram: @MeganPowersPhotography

Email: meganpowersphoto@gmail.com

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