Little Fires Everywhere: Book Review

📚Little Fires Everywhere

🖋Celeste Ng



THIS BOOK!! It is so good that not only do I own it in digital but hard copy too! It is one of those books you can read time and time again and be completed amazed!

💫It is an incredible story of what happens in small suburb of Shaker Heights outside of Cleveland. Everything is planned down to the last detail in this small town - the looks of the home, the winding streets and everything you could possibly imagine. It tells the story of Mia Warren, an artist, and her daughter, Pearl, who are new to town who cross paths with the one and only Elena Richardson and her four children who only know how to play by the rules of Shaker Heights.

✨This book explores so many different topics from ideas of diversity, to the cost of keeping secrets, art, motherhood, family, and following rules to disaster.

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