The Alice Network: Book Review

📚The Alice Network

🖋Kate Quinn


The Alice Network takes place in two different times during 1915 and 1947. In the beginning, it is a little hard to follow in figuring out the stories at once.

💫 1915: one year into the Great War, Eve Gardner unexpectedly gets the chance to join an underground spy ring in the enemy-occupied France.

💫1947: 30 years after the first story is taking place, an American college girl Charlie St. Clair is unmarried, pregnant and on the edge of being disowned from her family.

💫 Charlie has the hope that her cousin Rose is still alive after disappearing in Nazi France. Charlie’s parents decide to take her to Europe to take care of her “little problem” but she breaks free to go to London where she meets up with Eve Gardiner determined to convince her to help find her cousin Rose.

💫a must read if you love a good historical fiction novel

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